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Dear Supporter, is a crowdfunding site for gathering the financial support for a specific project, as described on the website itself, for anyone who wishes to support it, on a horizontal, transparent, popular and completely free basis for the supporter.

To support the project just follow the procedure guidelines for financing.

Financing implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions offered by the author of the project, as in force at the time of funding.


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Payment Methods

  • Donations can be made only through the PayPal system.
  • At the time of the donation, the amount will be retained on the PayPal account until the end of the campaign.
  • Upon expiration of the campaign, if the project reaches or exceeds the economic objective, the sum paid will be donated to the cause of the project and the rewards will be sent to the donors according to the timeline described at the close of the campaign. Otherwise (failure to achieve the target), the sum will be returned to the donor minus the charges for the PayPal service.
  • The costs for reimbursement will charged to the donor and deducted from the donation, only in the event that the project does not reach its target. The costs for reimbursement vary depending on the country from which the donation is made and are established by PayPal.
  • Overview Editore (the PayPal account holder for this project) makes no warranty regarding the performance or operation of the PayPal Payment platform.
  • Overview Editore doesn’t store credit card data. The credit card information is stored in encrypted form by the payment gateway. The platform stores only a reference ID provided by the payment gateway.
  • Once the campaign is over and the funds are either credited to the campaign following a positive outcome, or refunded to the donors if the target is not reached, the relationship between the donor and Overview Publisher shall be considered definitely concluded.
  • The offer made by the donor entitles him or her to the reward of his or her choice. By funding the project the donor does not acquire property rights, intellectual or otherwise, trademark, patent or any other rights over that project.